What can an online CFO do for you? Book a video call now to find out

We would like to help business owners from small and medium sized companies to get an idea of how an experienced CFO can help.

To complement our F2F highly flexible part time model, we have introduced an entry level offering, in which your pressing financial questions can be addressed and potential solutions discussed.

The offer comprises a series of online video meetings over a one month period. This is supplemented by concurrent email, phone and WhatsApp support.

If at the end of the first call (lasting one hour), you are convinced that the remaining calls will not provide significant value, the initial call will be free of charge. Conversely, if the exchange has been positive and the business wishes to complete a series of online meetings, we will discuss and agree a fee for the service - to be paid upfront (to give you an idea our current rates are $350 per hour).

It will be possible to extend or increase the extent of the engagement if required or indeed to move to a monthly F2F retainer arrangement at any time (government restrictions permitting).

Our CFO’s are available right now and the initial sessions can be planned immediately.

The most asked questions at this time have been short term focused and relate to cash flow, funding, scenario planning, government support measures & risk management. The specific issues that need the most urgent attention will naturally be top priority.

Below are some of the most recent assignments our online CFO’s have helped with:

  • Cash flow management; payment schemes, collection practices, reduction of expenses
  • Enabling government support measures
  • Input for financial modelling, scenario planning, sensitivity analysis
  • Review funding options
  • Alternative turnover scenario’s; upscale online activities
  • Simulation of the business plan post corona
  • Input for accelerated strategy around digitalization and working online
  • Brainstorming and a listening ear for management and business owners

Our CFO Team is available and ready to support and guide you through your current challenges