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Jeremy Gray, Principal – Asia

Jeremy Gray, Principal – Asia
Picture of Jeremy Gray, Principal – Asia

Jeremy Gray, Principal – Asia

Jeremy Gray, Principal – Asia

In 1980 Jeremy joined Grace, and over the next ten years progressed to positions of increasing responsibility ending as the Financial Director of Grace Construction Products UK division. This included responsibility for Purchasing (Supply Chain in modern speak) and IT. Key projects included setting up a Joint Venture in Saudi Arabia, a complete overhaul of delivery processes, building an R&D laboratory and participation in key product development.

1993 Jeremy moved to the US as General Manager of a mining operation. This was his first major success in business turnaround, taking on a loss making business and in less than one year improving EBIT to over 10% of sales. In 1995 they were asked to take a domestic US business global. In three years they acquired a business in Japan, set up a successful green field business in Germany and build on organic growth in Latin America.  While expanding globally we also grew our US business at over 3X market and continued to improve EBIT %

In 2001 Jeremy was asked to help the VP of a Concrete business in the US to improve the sales teams’ effectiveness. Partially as a result of this work Grace improved its North American market position from Number 2 to Number 1.

In 2006 Jeremy moved to Singapore as Acting GM Asia Pacific and then became CFO/COO for the division. Main responsibilities have focused on business analysis, improvement and strategy.  Key successes in Asia include managing Grace’s entry into Vietnam, turning around the profitability of the Japanese and Korean businesses, completing Grace’s first acquisition in China, improving business processes that resulted in significant increase in cash flow and productivity. Since 2006 they have managed over 10% CAGR sales growth and 26% EBIT CAGR.

Jeremy enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and has spoken at CFO Innovation conferences at Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, at American Conference Institute conferences on business compliance in Singapore and Washington DC. He has recently been asked by Bloomberg to speak at their initial Bloomberg Corporation Asia 2014 forum.


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