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Rajeev Kansal, Principal – Asia

Rajeev Kansal, Principal – Asia
Picture of Rajeev Kansal, Principal – Asia

Rajeev Kansal, Principal – Asia

Rajeev Kansal is a C-Suite leader with experience in defining and implementing financial strategies, financial management & systems for improving profitability. He is skillful in working capital utilization, deploying funds and enhancing the return on investment to generate adequate liquidity & cash flow. He is proficient in preparing strategic and long-term financial plans and in implementing effective internal controls for effectively protecting businesses from potential risks and anticipated losses.

He has strong analytical ability and decision making expertise scenarios and is a resourceful manager – recognized for building, retaining, motivating, and guiding high performing teams to deliver value to various stake holders. He has established financial benchmarks by implementing remedial measures and developing score cards.

Rajeev is very comfortable with technology, including ERP’s solutions for running a business efficiently. He has worked in the following sectors – FMCG (Retail / Wholesale), Trading (Multi product), Manufacturing (Car Tyres / Steel / Packaging/ Textiles (complete value chain leading to garments) / Engineering, Not-for-Profit – across Singapore, Indonesia, Botswana, India.

He is qualified accountant and is a Fellow of CMA India.


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